The Wonderful Workers of Daydreams of BtVS
listed in order of seniority


Job at Daydreams: Webmistress, archivist, collector of pics & graphics, and character biographer
Other: Fanfic Writer, Beta-Reader, BtVS Webmasters/Webmistress Guild Member, and a member of FABA
Shipper: B/A, W/O, X/C and Giles/Jenny
Description: I'm a pretty normal, though busy girl. I'm about 5' 2", have short, black hair, and greenish/brownish/yellow eyes. I'm not going to tell you my age, 'cause a.) never ask a girl her age, and b.) citizens of La La Land grow to be much older than people on Earth. La La Land (my home) is the city above the clouds (which is why when you have your head in the clouds people ask if you were in La La Land). La La Land is a haven for poets, writers, inventors, dreamers and cats (don't ask). My favorite activites are running Daydreams, reading, writing, and daydreaming. One of my favorite pastimes, is sitting down in front of the computer to read a good fanfic and have a tunafish sandwich (you had to ask :)

Empress Lisette

Job at Daydreams: Reviewer
What else do I do? Is this like that funny AM PM commercial where everyone takes a road trip and the guys asks them where they're going? HAHAHAHA good one!
Shipper: Personally I vote for the W/O relationship, it's so much better than all the others.
Description: I am a little shape shifter squirrel, I'll steal the peanuts from the jar on your camping trips, and I eat all the peanut butter in the cupboard. I am usually found hanging off the top of your ceiling. I like reading YM and I usually eat my favorite pictures of Buffy that I see in them. I do this to get my brain in gear to write about the cast of Buffy and the episodes for my kitty friend Dreamer. so don't look up whatever you do and leave your cupboards open, because I will pay you back by writing nice reviews!


Job at Daydreams: News Lady
Other: Fanfic writer
Shipper: Buffy/Angel, Willow/Angel
Description: I live in Venice, Italy. I live in a comfort hole in huge house. Too bad, the cats are stupid. Heee! I am mouse with computer. I love compters. I am 2,000 years old. I was a witch. A spell backfired and boom! I am a mouse. Oh, well.
M: Margarent is my first name
14: fav. number
Mouse: Like you didn't know.


Job at Daydreams: News Lady
Shipper: Buffy/Angel
Description: Hola and Hello, I am Maria. I am half Spanish and half Irish, but I have a secret. Well here goes...I am a fairy. You see when I was visiting my mother's side of the family in Ireland, I met a leprechaun( the nice kind, his name was Little Johnny). Well, he said I would make a good fairy, and I said "Really, I bet you can turn me into one". And he said "Yes lass I can, if you want me to". Any ways I thought he was joking and I said yes. So I went home and next the morning, I looked into the mirror. There I saw myself , 5"1 and my is normally dark brown hair with natural copper highlights. But this time my copper highlights stood out more, and my hazel eyes kept changing to a sapphire blue. And what freaked me out was I had wings coming out of my back. Later Little Johnny came and told me I have powers, and I could use them to keep living as a human. So now I use my powers and magical fairy wings to fly all over the world and collect Buffy news, seeing that it's my favorite show. I also spend my time drawing, reading, and writing story ideas, even though I have not worked up the nerve to write any fanfiction.


Job at Daydreams: Archivist
What else do I do? I like reading Buffy fanfic online, and checking out to see what's happening in season 4!
Shipper: Druscilla/Angel, Druscilla/Angel, Druscilla/Angel (I'm a fan of Dru, in case anyone can't tell)
Description: I'm 5'1, brown hair, green eyes, and pointy fangs :) . I like acting, drawing, the Internet, and of course, watching TV, especially Buffy! I don't like running, P.E test (or any test) and bugs. I'm an indoors person. My favorite Buffy male character is Spike. Then Angel. Female character, Druscilla. That's about all you need to know about me. Just your average wacky person. :)


Job at Daydreams: Pictures and More Pictures
What else do I do: I have my own egroups, and I'm trying to make my own webpage, it's not working though
Shipper: Buffy and Angel of course
Description: Hi hi! Me a Raccoon. What you? Me like to steal Buffy and Angel stuff. You watch out, me eat your food and me take your water. Me like to stick my paw in water, me like paw clean. You find me in a tree, Buffy and Angel is all over my trunk. Geez, me have to clean up me mess. Me love you! And me also love to read, although me have a hard time reading, magazines. Me like YM and Teen and Teen People and Seventeen and and and... me don't remember. okay, me shut up now. Buh byes, and gimme back my water!!!

Special Thanks

Before I end the staff page I would like to thank a couple people. First off, I would like to thanks Rebecca, Pixie, Serendipity, and Dedra for helping me get my page started and helping me when I was floundering with html. I would also like to thank Felicity and Ivory who were some of the first authors to have stories posted here at Daydreams and have continued sending me wonderful stories ever since. Two other people I want to thank are Serena and Michelle, who came to Daydreams quite awhile after it started, but have sent in huge amounts of stories and are the 2 very talented authors who's stories combine to make more than 1/4 the stories at Daydreams. Thank you all, and thanks again to my wonderful staff.    ~Dreamer

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