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The Prodigal by Ivory
“Sometimes The Price We End Up Paying For One Bad Choice Isn't Commensurate With The Offense.”
16th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

The Ring by Ivory
“You'd Think People Would Get Enough Gratuitous Violence Watching Jerry Springer.”
17th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

Eternity by Ivory
“Angelus May Not Be The Most Relaxing Company, But At Least He‘s Honest!”
18th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

Five by Five by Ivory
“When A Whacked-Out Slayer Tries To Kill Your Boss, It’s Very Wrong.”
19th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

I've Got You Under My Skin by Ivory
“Angel, Are You Expecting Any Big Vomiting Here? Because I Saw The Movie.”
15th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

She by Ivory
“Don't We Have Enough On Our Hands Without Burning Monster Fiends Coming Here?”
14th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

Expecting by Ivory
“I Have Two People That I Trust Absolutely With My Life.”
13th story "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase"

Miracles by Felicity
The meaning of Christmas changes for Buffy
Winner of the 3rd Annual Daydreams Christmas/Hannukah Fanfic Contest

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