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Welcome! This is a site dedicated to the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and more specifically to the fanfic devoted to the show. My name is Dreamer I run this site with the help of my staff. Fanfic is the use of a show's characters in stories written by the fans of the show. I have found a wonderful home in the BtVS fanfic community and I hope to extend that feeling of laughter and kindness to all of you. This site is always being updated and suggestions are always welcome. So now that you've heard the introduction ... Welcome, to Daydreams of BtVS!

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Max, my pet, loves fanfic. So much so, that you can always find him sitting at the bottom of the story of the week. Follow the trail of holes he's chewed and you might just find him and the story of the week.

4-28-2001 - I'm sorry it's been so long guys. School has just been absolutely hectic. I've only got a week left though, so then the updates should be starting up again. We've got a nice update today though. We've got 2 Joyce pictures, 4 stories, and a big news update confirming one rumor. Also, the pictures section has been reorganized slightly, in the hopes of making it easier. The stories are: "The Prodigal", "The Ring", "Eternity" & "Five by Five" by Ivory (the 15th-18th in the From the Journals of Cordelia Chase series) Also, Jenni W. has requested that all her stories be taken down and I have done as she requested.
2-23-2001 - Wow, I can't believe I haven't made an official update yet this year. Well, despite what this seems to say I haven't been doing nothing since Christmas. Daydreams host server decided to be mean and change everything which meant that everything got royally messed up and it took me quite awhile to get everything fixed. So here's the update: cleaned up the main page, 1 new bannerlink, 3 new pictures, and 2 new stories: "She" & "I've Got You Under My Skin" by Ivory (the 14th & 15th in the Cordy Jounals). Please take the time to vote for me and sign the guestbook. Thanks everyone.
12-27-2000 - Well the decorations have come down for the most part, though as you can see, I've still got some wintery decorations up. For those who didn't visit, "Miracles" by Felcity was the winner of the 3rd Annual Daydreams Christmas/Hannukah Contest and is now listed with the other new stories. The awards page as also been adjusted accordingly. There is also one more new story for this update, "Expecting" by Ivory (the 13th in her "From the Journals of Cordelia Chase" series).

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I consider fanfic one of the highest forms of flattery and mean no harm in anyway nor am I in anyway connected to the actual making and production of the show. Special thanks to the Buffy Cross & Stake, Slayerette, Sati Rose, Michelle, Chrystal, and Michelle, Sunnydale High School , Michael's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hompage, and The Slayer and Her Angel for letting me use the pictures.

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